Pierre Haas



I am a web developer and designer based in Germany, DE with a passion for simple software architecture and user interfaces. I started out as a self-taught developer and eventually enrolled into a university where I earned a certificate as a web developer.

Professional Expertise

Since I started as a self-taught developer, I have a strong self-motivation to work individually and since I worked with small and large teams for over 5 years I learned to communicate and collaborate with a positive attitude and empathetic view. I have experience in building and designing for the web, where I focus on functional and usable but foremost simple products with a relentless attention to detail. Simplicity is a passion that influences most fields of my work and personal life.

Personal Information

When I have the time I like to travel, explore and take photos. I found that capturing small and quiet moments with a camera has a huge value to me. It expresses how I see life around me and is an opportunity to show others what moments I witnessed. A photo can communicate much more than words - it's having a voice with your eyes.

I spend a lot of time creating and listening to music - I love the creative space at home where I create beats on an Ableton Push and improvise with a guitar. I share some photos and thoughts on Twitter and Instagram.